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032 | Quarter year check-in!

Quarter year check in!

It’s time to pull out your notes from January, and take a moment to seriously consider your progress when it comes to achieving your dreams! Before you set out to do this though, keep in mind one important fact: the goals you set for yourself – they are yous and yours alone. No one else…

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029 | Blowing Off Steam

Blowing off steam

Want to know first about our next episode? Want to get special bonuses and free content? Subscribe Here Sometimes everyone needs a little break from life. Be it a short getaway overseas or to a local hotel, be it having a drink and letting go. It’s there, whether we choose to ignore it or not.…

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026 | Thriving over surviving

Thriving over Surviving

Sometimes in life you are forced to make a choice- are you going to survive this or are you going to try your best to thrive with this. That’s what we’re talking about in this interview with Gemma Boak, from www.thisscientistsays.com with you. Gemma was diagnosed at six years old with psoriasis and spent her life getting…

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