Helping Adjust Your Kids to Daylight Saving

Daylight Saving

Ok… Winter is officially almost here. Depressing as that may be for some (like me, totally a summer-person), this is still a fact.

For those of us who have children, particularly young children, winter clock brings extra challenges with it – suddenly it gets dark quite early, which often means they get tired super-early and then they wake up super-early…

So – how can we make the switch to daylight saving as seamless as possible?

Here are a few tips which I found helpful with my kids, and I hope you find them useful too:

  • First of all, don’t try to fight it. Putting the kids to sleep an hour later just so they don’t wake up early doesn’t really work, does it? They just end up going to bed super-tired and super-pissy – and then, usually wake up a dozen times at night!
  • It’s now getting dark an hour earlier than usual. Don’t try to fight it – start getting ready for bed an hour earlier! It’s always better to act based on your child’s body clock, and to start preparing for bed based on when they begin to feel tired as a general rule. Preparing for bedtime includes dimming the lights, switching off televisions and other screens in the house, toning down the volume a little… Getting into ‘sleepy mode’.
  • Over the next two weeks or so, I would expect wakeup time to be earlier too. In addition to making bedtime a few minutes later every day, see if you can explain to your child that it’s not morning yet and get them to go back to sleep. If this doesn’t work, get up with them – this is an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time with them to make up for the time you would spend with them in the evening – have breakky outside in the sun if possible, if not – near the window where you can soak up some sun together!! Doing this, together with a short stroll in the evening, at dusk, will actually help both you and your child adjust your circadian clocks faster and easier 😊
  • Another way to make up for the lost time from the early bedtime, you can try to spend some quality time with the kids in the early afternoon – no phones! No TV!! Just you and them, play a game together, have a chat, read a book, go to the park – anything you enjoy doing together 1:1.

Try looking at it as an opportunity – and take full advantage of it, believe me, it’s so worth it!

I hope these tips help you adjust easily and swiftly, I’m here if you have any questions – don’t be shy about commenting on this post or contacting me directly at info@actionforwellness.com

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Nava xx

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