Who are we?

Maya is a naturopath and life coach. I care about showing people how to easily add good healthy habits into their lives, so they can start feeling better ASAP!
Nava is a parenting consultant. I care about showing parents how to better handle their new status, answering questions and dilemmas, and tailoring plans to help them achieve long lasting solutions.

Get to know us better!

First of all- hi!

We're so excited you're here, with us, on this journey!

As you know, Action For Wellness started as a pet project for me (Maya). The vision was to create a home for like-minded people, people who really want to start feeling better in their lives but aren't about extreme lifestyles. People who are looking to be inspired and motivated to take little steps regularly to constantly improve their health and well-being. This was exactly what I wished I had at different points in my life...

After about six months since starting to create this, while getting clearer on who these people I want to serve are, I realised I knew someone who could offer loads of value to YOU!

This person is Nava Avraham, a parenting consultant, wife, and mother of four children- two girls and two boys, all under the age of five. Nava specialises in helping parents solve problems and issues in order to become a calmer, better parent.

Nava was working as a project manager when she came across an ad for a parenting consultancy course and got a gut feeling this is what she should be doing. She juggled her studies with a full-time job and being a full-time mother, and has not looked back since.

She is also my big sister!

As for me, I've been in love with the field of naturopathy and natural medicine for nearly a decade now. I studied four years of naturopathy, then two years of health Qi Gong, and am now studying towards my masters in advanced complementary medicine. I get to change people's lives and help them achieve their health goals.

So how does all this relate to you?

Well, here's the deal.

Both of us are in our early thirties. We both know what it's like to suddenly realise we're no longer feeling the way we used to. Sleepless nights are no longer easy on the body, going out for drinks with friends is not as late as it used to be, and all the stress is taking its toll on the body. Nava also knows what it's like to be a parent, and how difficult and lonely that can sometimes make you feel when you've got to figure out a whole new way of life.

It's our goal and mission to help YOU manage this time in your life a little bit better, remind you that you're never alone, and just help you feel better, healthier and live your life as vibrantly as you can.

It's just great to have you join us, and we're really excited to hear about what you're interested in and how we can best offer value to you!

Please let us know by commenting below or sending us a quick e-mail!