002: How to build your confidence – at any age!

A bird sitting on a branch is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on it's own wings.
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Confidence is the petrol that drives us. It’s what allows us to get up and out in the world, being the people we want to be.

We start developing our confidence as children. When we’re young, it’s up to our parents, who allow us to feel secure in the world. However, it’s not entirely pre-determined for us, our confidence may well fluctuate during our lives. For most of us it isn’t a constant – as you may well have experienced first hand if you own an outfit in which you feel fab… But we can’t, and shouldn’t, rely on outside validation. Real confidence requires work, because much like exercise, if you don’t continue developing it- it doesn’t last…

Our relationship with our parents certainly has a significant effect on our confidence as adults, however, the choices we make in our daily life can be what makes or breaks us in our daily lives.

Peter Voogd (Brilliant entrepreneur and author) talks about how “Each one of us has a confidence account, and every single action we take, every decision we make either add to this account or withdraw from it”. We think he’s got it right- we can build our confidence by making better choices every day which promote, encourage, and advance us (or make choices that do the opposite).

Focusing on the good things, and trying to let go of the criticism are also key factors for your confidence levels. Just as it is within our power to help raise confidence levels in others through compliments, we have to accept the compliments ourselves, taking a moment to acknowledge the things we do well.

So, here’s what we want you to think about:

  1. Rate your current confidence levels as discussed in today’s episode.
  2. Begin challenging yourself to take small actions that scare you, gradually increasing levels…
  3. Listen to the brilliant talk Maya was talking about here to get inspired.
  4. Challenge yourself to make better choices as part of your routine.
  5. Pay attention to others, and give them compliments!
  6. Question your excuses. Have other people who have struggled with similar conditions been able to beat this? If they have, your excuse is no longer valid…

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Maya Harish, N.D.

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