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Laughter is the best medicine
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How do you react when a relationship you're in ends?

Personally, I have been known to mope around with my friends Ben and Jerry.

Not today's guest though. Sasha broke up with her boyfriend at the time and found inspiration.She decided to use her dark sense of humor, and make herself a break-up card to cheer herself up. Guess what? Since that breakup, she's sold over 30,000 cards!

They're not just for breakups mind you, they're for all sorts of occasions when you just need a good laugh. They're the things you'd like to say to the people you love, all dressed up as pretty cards!

That's why (after over a year of stalking her online) we're super excited to be chatting with Sasha from cheekyzebra.com about the importance of laughing at yourself and at the people you love (good-naturedly of course...) and how to turn this into a successful business as well!

BTW, I'm really sorry about the weird sentence cut-offs in this episode, honestly, Georgie, my dog, who looks a bit like a Tasmanian devil (and nothing like Taz) got upset and barked a few times while we were recording - which took our conversation in weird directions and there was no good way to edit it into a seamless transition. We decided to embrace the imperfection...


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