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Circles of Influence
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We have so many things in our life to be thankful for and happy about =)

In today’s episode we discuss our circles of influence, which are always around us and for better or worse, have a substantial effect on how we see ourselves, our lives, our achievements… We discuss the two types of people we have around us – the ones we should keep close, but separate ourselves from and the ones we should not keep close but still do for various reasons.

There are people we decide, for reasons that probably make sense at the time but are, in actuality, not founded in reality but in our own inner insecurities, to separate ourselves from – because they’re just so good/talented/clever/whatever other excuses we give ourselves, that we can’t compete with them.

There are also people, who – again – for what seems like good reasons, are close to us but are really not very supportive, not there for us, not contributing anything positive or good to our lives and yet are still there. These people make sure we stay in our ‘box’, they keep us in this place where we are insecure, low in confidence….

Tune in to listen to our tips on how to tell these people apart and how to keep the positive people in and the negative people out!

Another little step in the right direction =)

We hope you enjoy!!

P.S. Got Maya to contribute her art for today’s podcast image – what do you think??

Nava xx

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