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The simple joy of decluttering
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How many of us feel overwhelmed by life more often than we care to admit?

It's all too common to be talking about how stressed and tired we are, and instead of realising that's a sign for us to rethink our actions, we wear it is some kind of badge of honour. We are constantly in competition to prove ourselves not only as worthy but as the best we can be, and that can become so utterly exhausting we may just burn out. We get bogged down in the details and lose track of the truth: that we're all imperfect beings just trying to do our best.

I know it's something we've brought up before in the podcast, how just getting organised can make a huge difference to our daily lives, but today we've got a real treat for you: this very special episode includes an interview with the lovely Hayley Forster from Simple Joy (www.simplejoy.co.uk).

We talk about with Hayley about how she quit her corporate job as a fragrance designer (which she assured me was nothing like in the book the perfume) to start her own business after her daughter was born, and she went through an incredible life-transforming journey of de-cluttering and self-discovery.

We talk about how decluttering can help you get more than your possessions under control, but also how to turn that process into a journey of self-acceptance and love.

If you want to join Hayley's 30-day decluttering challenge click here.

If you're still not part of the closed Facebook group where we're doing the positive affirmation challenge click here and join in the fun!

And I hope that you enjoyed this episode as much as I did...

Maya Xx


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