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Eidetic imagery, with Wendy Yellen
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We spend a lot of time on this podcast discussing ways to transform your life, ways to break free from whatever shackles may be holding you back, and how to really create what you truly desire. That's why we're particularly excited about this episode.

Have you ever heard about eidetic imagery? We hadn't until very recently, so we thought rather than trying to explain it ourselves, on this very special episode, we interview the fabulous Wendy Yellen who talks to us about how to transform your life using this incredible tool.

Wendy has been working as a transformation acceleration expert for almost 40 years and is honoured to be named one of the International Top THREE Transformational Experts in her field.

She started out on a fairly traditional path, graduating from Brandeis University and receiving her Master’s in Social Work from Smith College. She opened a private practice which was very successful, but where she didn't feel she was doing the work she was meant to be doing.

She took the brave decision, and decided to leave her practice and began searching for what she was missing. After studying many different techniques, she found her calling in eidetics.

Eidetics is easier to experience than to explain, don't worry- Wendy does take us through this journey in the episode! But here's what we can say: an eidetic image is a type of vivid mental image, not necessarily derived from an actual event or memory, which is used as a vision, as a source of new thought and feeling.

Eidetics allows us access to what's beneath the surface. It allows us to live our life fully, by going beyond the obvious and the rationalisation of our experiences. If you're still wondering - you'll just have to listen to the episode and go the process!

We know you're going to learn so much from this experience, we certainly did!

If you want to learn more about Wendy, please visit her website! If you'd like to experience the process of Eidetics yourself do it here!

Wendy Yellen

Wendy Yellen

Love as always,

Maya Xx



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