019: Creating goals and expectations that work for you

Creating realistic expectations
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We all know that goal setting is important, but how can we set goals that motivate us instead of sending chills down our spine and making us feel unworthy?

Well, we've all encountered both goals. When I started out my Master's degree I was terrified and was experiencing a whole heap of "I'm not good enough" type emotions. Truth is though, that once I decided to take it term by term, course by course, and to allow for myself to not be perfect, life became much easier.

The first thing is that you need to set three levels of goals for yourself: your bare minimum goal, the goal you'll be happy with, and the goal that's not so scary it has you back out of the whole thing but that is just scary enough it gives you butterflies when you think of it.

Here's an example from my life...

My goal is: Completing an MSc.

My bare minimum goal: Completing it, but scraping by.

My super scary hard to believe I can do it goal: being awarded my degree with distinction.

If I had set out saying to myself: Maya, if you don't get a Master's degree with a grade of 90% or higher, I assure you I wouldn't have survived the first term. Now, I'm much too much of a perfectionist to allow myself to be at the bottom of the barrel, but will I be happy to receive a Master's degree with merit? HELL YES! Will it be everything I hoped and dreamed of? No.

Three years ago I wouldn't have thought I was capable of any of the things I've achieved since. We change, we grow. We need to embrace and allow ourselves to be proud of all that we learn, achieve, and all the growth we make.

Set yourself goals that make you dream bigger, reach further and do better than you thought you could, but that excite and ignite you too! That you can see that given time and effort are achievable, and you know you can get there - even if you don't YET know how.

We believe in you!

Maya Xx


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