017: Living the Dream

Living the dream
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Today we interview Jamie Michaels, author (Canoe Boys, Christie Pits – click the links to back the project today!!), cage-fighter and helicopter firefighter, located in Winnipeg Canada and who also happens to be our cousin 😊

We decided we had to interview Jamie because he is one of the few people we know who actually, literally, never says never. Ever since he was a child, Jamie has always managed to make the absolute most of every moment – he seems to enjoy life to the fullest, even when things go wrong, and is constantly faced with exciting, interesting and outright weird situations that really don’t happen to most people every day (and for some, even ever).

In this interview we try to understand how does this happen, and what’s so special about his outlook on life – and believe me, it’s fascinating. Jamie tells us about just a few of his adventures and they are absolutely fantastic!

Just going to add two photos here, the one Jamie was talking about of him in the hospital and one of the spider Maya encountered this week.

Jamie Michaels

Jamie Michaels



I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one, let us know!

Nava xx

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