015: Conflict resolution

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We all come across different types and scales of conflicts, on a daily basis.

In this episode we will discuss different techniques and ways of dealing with conflicts - although we may not be able to resolve or stop all conflict (not quite world peace yet (: ), but will certainly help you handle and try to diffuse the situation.

One of the methods we discuss is mirroring- try to write down what annoys you about a specific situation with someone close. Then, go back and change the name in the sentence - replace their name with yours... How does that feel? Not fabulous, I know. But, as we discussed before, our perception of reality is a reflection of our inner world and so we are often most annoyed by things we see in others that remind us of ourselves... What will happen when we do this, is we will often see that the role we're playing in this argument is bigger than we think.

With this in mind, it will probably be a little easier to start a conversation with the person we're in conflict with from a more empathetic place - and will probably make the whole conversation easier and maybe less charged.

Another method, is to try and break down the situation. Try to understand what just happened, what was the problem here, and what could have been done differently?

Listen to the podcast, let us know what you think and if this helped you in working through any of your conflicts!!

Hope you enjoy it,

Nava xx


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