011: Organising your life as a key to inspiration

The substance of ambition is the shadow of a dream
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What has organisation got to do with inspiration?

Why should you get organised and what does "getting organised" even mean?

What we've come to understand is, that if you don't have order in your days, you don't have order in your weeks and months, and that means you're likely unable to ensure you're prioritising the things that actually matter to you- like your goals and aspirations.

It's so easy to get caught up in remembering what time each child needs to be picked up and what shopping needs to get done,  when the last time you changed the sheets was and what project you need to keep on top of at work, that you don't make time to do the things you love, or move towards advancing your larger dreams in life.

Each person has a different way of remembering things, a different way of organising themselves. As ever, there's not one way to rule them all, but we certainly do encourage you to find a system that works for you- be it using your memory,  online programmes like Evernote or Trello, using your google/apple/outlook calendars, or using a planner or an organising system like Maya has started using.

Once you're able to sit down and arrange your day and your week, it's time to change your perspective, zoom out so to speak,  and think about your life, your goals, your desires and make sure you're making room for them!

Really take the time to think about what it is you would like to see more of in your life, and plan ways in which to make it happen!

Saying things like: I want to experience more love in my life, well that's great and we really hope you can, but if you don't take that and turn it into an actionable plan, it's not going to happen.

How to turn that into an actionable plan? Well, for each person it will look different, but here are a few ideas: call a close family member once a day, make plans to meet friends at least once a week, schedule weekly time for a date night, once a month get your partner a small surprise you know they'll love (like chocolate, a poem or tickets to a film with their favourite actors).

If you decide to make love a priority in your life there are a thousand ways in which you can make that a reality, but unless you A. realise that's what you want and B. work towards getting it, you're likely to stay in the routine of your 9-5, bathe the kids and Netflix till you fall asleep on the couch, without giving it a second thought.

In today's episode, we discuss all of the above, as well as a few random things:

  1. Recommending a great book: Kneller's Happy Campers, by Etgar Keret. We talked about the book (I called it by a different name though...) and movie wrist slitters- you can watch the trailer here.  I mean, it was more a description of the abyss into which Maya's stuff disappears into than a book recommendation, but read the book. It's a great book. Also, if you don't you'll never get what I was saying about the hole in the bottom of the car.
  2. The horror film Nava brought up (yes, I googled this too for your pleasure) is in fact NOT the passenger as she had thought, but closer to my guess (a day that should go down in history- my memory beating Nava's!) of Final Destination. If you're into watching horror thrillers, and somehow missed this when it came out 20 years ago, you can give it a go. To be honest though, it's  not my thing, I'd choose a happy-clappy film over this any day.
  3. Here's the Pinterest board we created full of inspiring ideas on how to plan to make life easier!
  4. The book I'm reading now is The Yogi Code: Seven universal laws of infinite success, by Yogi Cameron.
  5. As for the Etsy store, I'm still figuring it out, so you'll forgive me if it doesn't look perfect! You can find the planner here!  As a special thank you to all the podcast listeners, If you're interested in the planner, you get 50% off! All you have to do is use the coupon code: AFWPOCAST (or follow this link!)

We love you and hope you have a really great weekend!

Maya and Nava Xx


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