005: Mindfulness

Our greatest weapon against stress, is our ability to choose one thought over another...
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What is it good for? Who is it good for? And most pressingly- how do fidgety busy people make room for mindfulness in their lives?

That's what we're talking about on today's episode.

It's so easy to find excuses why we haven't got time for mindfulness: meditation isn't for me, it's hot, I'm busy, it's a Tuesday… In reality though, being mindful simply means being in the moment, as it unfolds. There are no excuses for not being there! We get one life (well, maybe more, but we're experiencing one life now) and we shouldn't be allowing anything to stop us for experiencing every moment in it fully, and engaging in our own lives like they are the most important thing!

Is multitasking a real thing? I'm not sure. Nava reckons she's brilliant at it, and I would say, that sure we can all multitask to a certain degree, but when something is really important to you, you won't multitask, you'll sit down, remove or avoid distractions and concentrate so you can get the job done well, and if that's the case what is it saying about all the work we're juggling? It might mean we're half-arsing them without knowing.

For us, mindfulness is two main things:

  1. Being able to be present in what you're doing right now, and
  2. Being able to separate thoughts from reality.

This can make a world of difference as a child, and as a grown up, as we're all just trying to interpret the world, trying to make sense of it, and being able to recognise and feel and work through our emotions creates peace and happiness in our lives.

It can be so difficult to do this when we're also, as a society, really busy at distracting ourselves. We hardly ever immerse ourselves in a single experience anymore. We watch TV while playing on our tablets, we meet friends with the phone on the table, and we even take our phone to the toilet! Heaven forbid we get so bored while we're having a wee. We don't allow time for boredom, and it's crazy, because boredom is what breeds imagination and creativity! There's a reason we get brilliant ideas while in the shower, it's practically the only place we don't go with our distraction devices!

The talk Nava mentioned is this: mindfulness over matter.

and the book Maya mentioned is: Full Catastrophe Living- Jon Kabat-Zinn, and here's a link to a short clip about it.

We'd really love to hear how you are able to be more present in your lives, what techniques do you use to be mindful in your life!

Maya Xx


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